Legal Requirements

The e-Maritime Medicine envisages promoting interoperability in its broader sense. It aims to stimulate coherent, transparent, efficient and simplified solutions in support of cooperation, interoperability and consistency between IAMU members and its partners and transport operators.

Regarding the new “Manila Amendments” to the STCW, the medical certificate must be in accordance with current requirements until 2017. To prepare our future seafarers and physicians in compliance with the new standards, it is useful to develop an e-platform for exchanging information on training in maritime medicine for all IAMU members till 2015.

In the East there are many important maritime actors, and for instance there is a coastline of more than 6,500 miles and many countries in the area have a large maritime industry.

There are a few rules regarding the quality assurance system for maritime physicians and maritime medical services in the South East Europe and also in the Far East.

We consider that our project can lead to the development of the program launched by the International Maritime Health Association titled: “Quality Assurance Accreditation Programme for Maritime Clinics”.

Also, we want this project to provide a system for quality assurance and quality improvement through defining best practice for services providing medical fitness examinations for seafarers worldwide.

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