eMM Objectives

The main objective is to develop an E-Maritime Medicine portal system for IAMU members and their partners in order to share maritime medicine from the perspective of educational activities for seafaring students and medicine doctors alike. The proposed virtual platform will help IAMU member institutions to improve the knowledge of seafaring students and medical instructors and to exchange know-how by sharing their experience through the e-activity platform in maritime medicine.

Moreover, this virtual platform will give assistance to all seafarers from Maritime Universities and their partners and also to medicine doctors (physicians) who are interested in improving their knowledge on new STCW regulations related to first aid and new technologies such as telemedicine in maritime medicine field.

The second objective is to develop in each maritime university, member of IAMU association, a working group (engineers, IT specialists and medicine doctors) aimed to improve STCW standards regarding first aid and to develop a training programme for physicians and students interested in maritime medicine.

The Maritime Medicine Center within Constanta Maritime University (CMU) seeks to reach a consensus regarding the use of new technology for providing telemedical assistance to seafaring students from CMU, particularly in the Black Sea Region.

The third objective is to create a network between these working groups from IAMU members that have experience in providing maritime telemedical assistance to their students and are willing to offer their know how regarding the use of different telemedical equipment and to approach the implementation of new telemedical solutions for our physicians and seafaring students from all Maritime Universities.

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